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I am a creative professional looking to reach out to small and large scale clients and agencies that are beginning to launch or expand their next project. I work online independently with writers as well as publishers to create high quality and professional book covers that are visually appealing to potential readers and also meet the deadlines and printer requirements. I create ebooks as well as hard copies, interior layouts and illustrations for publishing. I work with you through a simplified process from the initial conceptualization to the final formatting for publishing online on various platforms from Amazon to creatspace. I also handle reformatting and editing of various forms of content for online and print. If you are an upcoming publishing company, writer, or business owner who is committed to the benefits of content marketing, I am able to work with you to develop your book cover for print in a way that appeals to your target readers and will help you stand out from others in your genre or industry. Be sure to reach out to me at your earliest convenience. I am also able to answer other questions or concerns you may have with getting your project launched. I offer design services as well as consultation in developing ideas or concepts and translating them into visuals. I understand the scope of your project and could be contacted 24/7 through my direct email or phone. I can also be found on my website at
This is a very creative design of the book cover and it will attract the readers to read it. Also the weeklyessay reviews in this book is so useful to read and I hope you shared more important content like this.
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