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Main ingredients : 300 gr purple sweet potatoes, boil ..set aside water 60 gr sago flour A pinch of salt 1 tbsp water, if the dough is dry Sugar solution : 500 ml of water 500 ml of purple sweet potato water, strain 200 gr sugar, plus if likes sweet 2 pieces of pandan leaves 1 tbsp of sago flour, dissolved with water Coconut Oil : Boil over medium heat 300 ml thick coconut milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 pandan leaves Way : Blend the purple sweet potatoes, add sago flour & salt. Stir well formed. Round the marbles Boil boiling water, put the seeds of bark. Cook floats, lift & drain Sugar solution : Boil water, brown sugar &pandandaan& soluble sugar. Add purple sweet potato water purification dye. Give a solution of sago flour. Stir thickens, lift & set aside Coconut milk solution : Cook coconut milk, salt &pandan leaves cooked with fire is being stirred. Take some seeds of salak, put in a container. Give sugar water & add coconut milk. Nice & healthy. Add marrow porridge ..recipe porridge followup Good luck .. beautiful can, taste & aroma is steady and importantly healthy can, sweet purple rich in benefits
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