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Ingredients : 3 pieces of chicken Salt Sugar The oil for frying 1 lemon takes the water Flour mixed well : 50 g of flour 50 g tapioca flour Garlic powder Lime butter sauce : 50 g margarine 3 g of chopped garlic 50 g sweet soy sauce 20 g of tomato sauce Sugar Powdered white pepper How to : Soak the chicken with sugar & salt all night Salute the chicken with the flour mixture, set aside Heat the oil in a skillet, broil the cooked chicken, remove it, drain it Sauce : Melt the margarine in a pan, saute fragrant garlic, add the remaining ingredients, stir well, bring to a boil Serving : Mix well-fried fried chicken with sauce, arrange on a serving plate, give water to Lime Tips for non-fishy chicken dishes : The chicken is not fishy, the chicken is seasoned first with 30 minutes of salt & lime juice, after that, rinse thoroughly with running water. Add ginger / lemongrass / galangal, fishy aroma
Yummy recipe! I would love to try this out. I'm glad to navigate here. Thanks!
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