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Title : 5 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Watch
Category : Business
There comes a time in every gentleman’s life when he feels the urge to buy a serious watch, a watch that reflects his personality. The reason why watch is more than an accessory for men is because it helps him enhance charisma and create a strong impression on others. Therefore, one needs to be very careful when buying his first serious watch. Most of the people think that buying a costly, branded watch is enough to create strong impression on others. However, a gentleman does not think the same. Instead of getting ripped off by the brands for the sake of name, a gentleman is always curious to find a watch that really goes along with his personality. Don’t worry if you don’t know what elements you should consider for buying your first watch. Following are some of the most effective elements that you should always consider when buying your first serious watch. Machinery: The first and foremost thing that one should look in a watch is its machinery. Mainly, watches are classified into mechanical and quartz movement. For those who do not know, a mechanical watch does not involve batteries and powered by a simple wound spring. Whereas, a quartz watch is powered by battery and keeps time using the oscillation of a precisely tuned quartz crystal. If you are looking to wear something economical with lower maintenance, then you should prefer buying the quartz one as it mainly requires change of battery, once after few years. On the other hand, if you are willing to wear something classy and vintage, then the mechanical watch should be your preference. Shape and Size: Next thing you should be concerned about when buying a serious watch is its shape and size. Gone are the days when heavy watches with broader dials used to be in trend. These days, slim and sleek watches with average crown sized dials are in trend. The best thing about ultra-slim watches is that they are comfortable under the cuffs and suits every outfit and occasion. Strap Band: Strap of watch is yet another important thing that a serious watch buyer should be concerned about. If you are buying a watch that you are likely to wear for hours, then make sure you are buying it in leather strap. A leather strap does not only enhance the elegance but it is also very comfortable under the cuffs. This way, a leather strap makes a win-win situation for the serious watch buyers. Colour: Another important thing that needs your consideration is colour of dial and strap band. Silver dial with black strap band is undoubtedly an ultimate combination of beauty and elegance but this is not the only combination you have. Not only the strap bands but the dials also come in a wide range of colours including some funky colours including yellow, orange, etc. However, professionals prefer watches with silver or rose-gold dial with a black or brown leather strap. Price: Last but not the least thing you should be concerned about is the price of the watch. Although, most of the renowned watchmakers rip off their customers with high price but there are few high-end watchmakers like Richard Remington offering top-notch watches at affordable prices. So before you decide to buy a watch, make sure to compare the prices as well and go for the one that does not only suits best to your personality but pocket as well.
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