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Various shape & size point
Latest Works: "Color of Life" now showing at Sawdust Art Festival
Laguna Beach's Sawdust Art Festival opened its doors on June 29th, and runs through September 2nd, 2018. I'm exhibiting my newest (and best works EVER!) in Booth 514, so call me there and I can get you in. "Raven Sweet" is the inspiration for my latest series of original oil paintings measuring 42" x 58" and fine art giclée reproductions are available in small, medium, and large. You can view them on my website at, and also at amazon at Thanks so much for letting me share. I have been preparing my whole life for these new works … I am very happy at this time in my life and it shows on my canvases. The chemistry of paint coupled with the negative space the paint creates as it flows over the blank places is a wonderful experience and it gives me great joy.
You have
You have done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where you are coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Please post more updates to cure.
Born to create
Nobody needs art to live, but what is life without art? I would like to introduce myself as a free thinking artist with an abstract graphic style. I don't just decorate a space or object, I try to transform it into an experience. If you are looking to customize your space with a mural or canvas; to add a personal touch to a gift or collectible; or for hand crafted design solutions, you need not look any further. I work with different surfaces such as (walls, wood, canvas, cloth, glass, etc) I work with enthusiasm and love. You will see your concept beautifully transformed while seeing meaning and your own personal touch. Recent projects include yoga hall, spiritual/ prayer room, cafes, living rooms, logos, t shirts, furniture as well as live art at concerts and shows. If my style appeals to you, I will be happy to hear your concept, and take part in the transformation of your art space, through my artistic vision and vivid imagination. You can find some of my work/ creations here: For any queries, I respond promptly to emails on: Here's wishing you a magical day! 😇
Long Established Gallery for SALE
Anybody interested in taking over this profitable Gallery with 30 years history? Location is the key, in Bar Harbor, Maine. close by Acadia National park. SEASONAL, only need to be there for 5 months. A rare opportunity in the most visited town in US. I am moving to HI, too much a travel for me. I have it little over 10 years. contact me at:
Jab Jab Whammo :round 2
My latest art book is now available for sale. Check it out and feel free to share. #jabjabwhammotheartofrafaelrivera #selfpublishedauthor #independantartist #artbooks #fantasyart #horrorart #comicart #caricature #conceptdesign #gameart #creaturedesign #blurbbooks #boxing #thesweetscience
Abstract Paintings of Tamal Sen Sharma
Most welcome to visit the site. Abstract art displayed here created by Tamal Sen Sharma .
Abstract Black and White painting by Tamal Sen Sharma
Untitled Mixed media
Art of Tamal Sen Sharma
Most welcome to visit the site. Aprrox 200 abstract paintings created by him displayed here.
Looking for a job opportunity
Hi, My name is Faeza, an artist of mainly Oil and water colors. I would like to thank God for getting the chance of involving with all artists in this respectable network. I am currently looking for a job opportunity suits my background of work experience, as i have worked as researcher and lecturer at Al-Hodiedah University one of Yemen Universities for long term and recently i worked as a curator at the Islamic Art Museum in Malaysia. I would be really thankful for anyone guides me to the right direction. Wishing you all the best of the best life. Cheers! :)
Graphic Design Work
Hey everyone, my name is Zach and I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in... – T-shirt designs (one color to multi-color) – Logo designs (one color to multi-color) – Print work (brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.) I would love to work with you! Click on the link below to check out my portfolio and let's work together! **Prices may vary depending how simple or complex of a design you are looking for.** Contact with me with what you are looking for and I can give you a more accurate price. - My prices may be more reasonable than you think :)
Anstalin was born on 19th November 1992.His native place was Midalakadu.He completed Bachelor of Engineering in Mar Ephraem college Of Engineering and Technology,Elavuvilai under Anna University Chennai in the year 2014. His father name was Selvaraj and his mother name was Laila.His father was Daily Wager !
Imagery From Beyond...Coloring Book for Grown-ups
We just published a new coloring book ‬ for adults. There are 62 ‪colorable‬ pages containing 31 original designs (b/w hand-drawn ‪abstract art‬ -- no computer designs) + 31 pages of positive affirmations to color with previous page's design faded in background. "Imagery From Beyond". (Blank page on reverse side to prevent bleed through.) Here is the link on Amazon:
Abstract paintings of TAMAL SEN SHARMA
I would like to characterize my work as the representation of some conscious and unconscious thoughts which mingle together and thus a spiritual power force me to play with colour and give them shape.
Touched by a goose
Tinicum art festival 2015
Painting is my opium
Painting is my opium Painting is my opium, my weed, my sedative and my weapon. It helps me to see far and beyond, love more and feel more. It is my craziness and my wisdom. It unites me with nature, animals and human beings. It takes me far into the deep sea of unconsciousness Where I meet with the hidden and can not be told. Painting is my light, my prayer and my sacred temple. It opens the way to the way. It is my love to a particular woman, a child and a friend. It teaches me to love all human regardless of race, religion or nationality. Painting is my Garden of Eden where I am Adam and Eve, the serpent and the creator. It is my hell and paradise .It is my prayer and my song. It is my music and scream, my peace and war. It is my tool to understand life and death. It helps me survive and find beauty in ugliness, meaning in meaningless and love in hatred. Painting make me a mystic, a dancing Gypsy, worshiper and a prophet .It is my dream and my nightmare. It is my language, my poetry, and my wings. It is my freedom and prison. It makes me the richest man in the world. Painting is my kingdom, you don't need to knock the door is open, don't ask and you will be given. Painting makes me the king and the servant. Painting is my wine, come my friends and visit me, lets be drunk and stoned. Please come to my island, my refuge and the city of Gods. Painting is my wings. It takes me to the future and to the past. Painting is my long journey to the deep well of my soul. Painting is my language, my music, my cinema and me the real me. Painting is my geography and history ,my science and superstition , my alchemy and my magic , my inner biography and my diary . Painting is a flood coming from unknown source, from a deep archived memory. Painting is a race between my tools and my continuous changing dreams. I dream to paint my dreams, useless, useless, I only grasp a few line from a very long poem. I paint to sleep, wake up, and to tell my self my story, my hope and my despair. I paint my love and joy, my inner feelings and the world outside, my laughter and my tears. I paint what I know and what I don’t fathom. I paint from the border of hallucination and reality. I paint to live, to run away from death and to make my world tolerable. I paint to forget, to remember, to breathe, and to keep my head above water to show or to run away from reality. My painting is a war against all wars, to make peace with the world, nature and my self. It is continuous war with my colors and my brushes, with my ideas and the medium, with my feelings and with my style, and no peace in the horizon. It is unfinished revolution, my scream in the face of cruel and absurd world, my dictionary and my guiding star in my journey to the unattainable. I paint to show where I am going and from where I come from. Mahmoud Zayed Ottawa/ 2008
Marco de Piaggi on Immo Jalass
RadaЯ - Architectur & Art, Marco de Piaggi The artist: Immo Jalass is a German artist known in The Netherlands for his work at the end of the sixties that culminated in an group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1969. In the new millennium, the artist has dedicated himself to computer art. After replacing the easel with a computer monitor and the palette of oil colors with digital graphics programs he is creating digital images that are printed in only one certified copy on different media according with the practical and aesthetic needs and demands. The images presented by the artist are imaginary landscapes, abstract expanses or shots of cities that seem to be taken on another planet. The technique and the title of the exhibition: Immo Jalass starts with free composition, photos or parts of photos, sometimes photos of a city and details of buildings. In this sense he sometimes "steals" images from the reality. Later on (in front of his "digital canvas") he begins to treat the images, to distort them, to cut them, to remove or add details, colors and elements from other photos or god knows from where. This process of "mystification" of the reality leads to the creation of an image that overtakes and goes beyond reality itself. The pictures: In his bewildered landscapes Jalass captures the grandeur of the space between the speed of light and the perpetual change and through the computer he freezes and crystallizes this vision into an image that takes on aspects of meditation and contemplation, or to put it in the words of the artist into "images that rest in the movement”. The use of the computers is fundamental in this process of crystallization of the speed and the change (or "carpe diem"). Unlike canvas and oil paint the computer allows the creation and variation of many images in a very fast speed. Jalass is always in search of landscapes that contain or at least make you presume "totality": the total image that can awake in the viewer associations of omnipresence (ubiquity). The search for an image that contains and sustains all the images is the goal of Jalass and even though this is, according to the artist, a "a pure ideal impossible to realize" we remain with the “partial” images - on show in the gallery Radar - as a documentation of a valuable artistic and meditative research. The concept: According to Immo Jalass the "concept", "conceptual art", "art without concept” ect. are scaffoldings often created due to the lack of free and "primordial creativity”. On the other hand - says the artist - culture creates these scaffoldings for the purpose of development. Between these two extremes ("primordial creativity" and “cultural concept”) there is the ultimate picture, the work of art. Conceptual art in the seventies led to the definition of "everything is art” and the same Jalass has played an active role in it with the project to exhibit the family van Dijk at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Today Immo Jalass is in search of total images that act as smart structures and are opposed to found structures. The goal of Jalass is to create for the viewer worlds of images of infinite vastness (through imaginary landscapes) that are both exciting, eerie, inspiring, images that should therefore be seen as "moments of eternity”.
Solomon Walker on Immo Jalass
Solomon Walker Founder/CEO at MUSEUM of DIGITAL FINE ARTS Immo Jalass is an autodidact.; a self-taught extraordinary creative artist, whose vast body of captivating artwork journeys through several fertile decades, touching on nearly all the major art movements of the 20th century. And, given all that, the most surprising thing about Immo's artistic output is, that the work remains unique and totally Immo Jalass, even in this early dawn of the 21st century. Teamed with an enthusiastic curiosity that fuels his vision, his creative input and output is tremendous.He is a thoughtful and generous being, who is always ready to share his knowledge and to lend assistance to his fellows. I highly recommend Immo Jalass for any artistic endeavours he pursues or that are proposed for him; and of course, I highly support and recommend his artist work to buyers and collectors at all levels. See my solo exhibition at the MoDFA - Museum of Digital Fine Art
Future Fun Conquest
May I invite you to comment on my online solo show at , the Carl Benz Cloud University. Thanks for your interest
We are conducting an event named ART MAESTRO AWARD 2015. We are inviting entries from artists who like to join the event. The best entry will select for ART MAESTRO AWARD (Rs. 15,001+Memento+Certificate) and best 10 entries will select for HONORABLE MENTION AWARD (Memento+Certificate). All participants will get participation certificate. The brochure will be in booklet form with the photographs of each artist and his/her work. Each participants will get one brochure. All entries will exhibit at DARBAR ART GALLERY, KOCHI, KERALA INDIA from 2015 November 1 to 7. For more details and download application form, please visit our website email : contact : +91 9447508897
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