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You might have: A life story that will inspire… Information products that inform… Workshop or training materials that support your work… or An accumulation of the best tips you have learned in your business experience that will never be found in text books, and can shorten the learning curve for others in your field. The “stories” we find are as varied as the Entrepreneurs who tell them. But, the key point is that most everyone learns best by hearing stories – having examples if you will – to inspire us, motivate us, lead us in a better direction, encourage us to take the next step, clarify confusion, simplify processes... and the list goes on. If you believe your purpose in life is to serve, and if in sharing your “legacy message” with an awaiting world you can leave a positive impact on the lives of others, well, then – – isn’t it time to get your Voices in Print?
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Engaging a Literary Strategist It is the greatest time in history to be a writer… Big aspirations require big support… and Some things in life should just not be done alone… If you have aspirations of seeing your book on the shelves of your favorite book stores, Voices in Print is where you come to be encouraged to engage in positive, life-altering actions that will ultimately provide you with long-term, sustainable benefit. It is where writers are guided through the entire process of becoming accomplished, successfully published authors: From embracing the creative spot of finding the right idea, to the task of writing your book… From deciding on an agent and/or publisher to considering self-publishing… From selecting perfect bound or hardcover to creating e-books… and From finding your audience through social media and PR and Public Relations to promoting and marketing. One of the easiest ways to see if you are “up for this journey” is to engage in a complimentary breakthrough strategy session. You can engage in a heart to heart discussion with someone who has been down the road and brings over a decade of assisting others in similar situations to finding the clarity and direction necessary to wade through what can seem like a cumbersome, confusing maze. Our passion lies in demystifying the publishing process. and connecting at a deep and personal level with sassy Entrepreneurs and savvy Service Professionals who have a story to tell! We have discovered there is a significant number of absolutely amazing professionals with empowering messages to share, but those stories are lying dormant. That, my friends, is a travesty, and changing it is our passion!
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