Melanie Bikowski
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As a Writer and Painter, I seek to use creativity to honor magical thinking by personifying the landscape of conceptual elements. My latest body of work tells specific stories of sunsets and sunrises based on very real days that happened to me. The modern world is stuffing information into cloud-technology at an exponentially fast rate. We are sitting in environments that are created for sensory-deprivation for long hours before heading home to look at our television screens. In a world where this behavior exists, I wonder how the clouds feel. Painting them is the closest way for me to personify them and make them as human as we are.
Long Description
Melanie Bikowski a self-taught abstract artist that uses her bright colors, shapes, and movement as tools for a conversation with the universe. Her artistic process is built around the concept that everything is an energy; an entity and it is alive. She uses abstract expressionistic techniques to personify juxtaposed concepts surrounding our energetic relationships. As a child playing outside until the street lights came on to growing up to work for a cyber-security company, she often uses her art to process her reality. Her goal is to open the world up to magical thinking by sharing her artistic practice, creative lifestyle, and different passion projects. In 2015, she began to share her artwork on public platforms and within the first year created over 500 colorful works, which landed her an artist residency at Olly Olly in Old Town Fairfax, VA. In 2018, her first poetry book, WILD, debuted with an unapologetic narrative of personal experiences with emotions, heartbreak, pain, and recovery. You can pick up a copy of her book, WILD, on Amazon. Every Thursday, she blogs about her creative lifestyle and her thoughts on the relationships we have with our space, creativity, and energy in a series called #ThinkingThursdays. In her free time, she likes to explore national parks with her family, meditate, cook, and honor her yoga practice. Melanie offers a variety of large and small original art to add to your collection.
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