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I am Jan porter and I share the soul freeing wisdom, magic and insights of our Ancestors and innovative thought through the ancient art of storytelling and self-counsel books. With thought provoking wisdom within every day unsung heroes, sheroes and the human condition, I am passionate about carving a new path that takes all of the good of our ancestors and the hope for tomorrow to empower inspire. As a philosophical ponderer of human nature, quantum physics, spirit world, nature and of the cosmos, I do not hold to any one particular tradition as a one higher truth or one size fits all. Founder of Soul Works Gifting Foundation (ad hoc) and a proud member of; The Writer's Union of Canada, the Mohawk College Alumni Association and the Bancroft Spiritual Centre.
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"Heal, inspire and empower the women and vulnerable and we ripple effect change the world in one generation." Our Ancestors knew and wish for all of us to know who we really are, to re-connect to our own Soul's wisdom, spirit world assistance to soul path freedom and fulfillment. FYI, I aim to live long enough to assist in making struggle, confusion, fear, abuse and poverty history by sharing knowledge, resources and practical tools, love gifted from someone who has been there and done that, as a; former survivor, social services worker, seasoned author, non-traditional educator with a pension for Shamanism, quantum physics and nature. I love to be lost in a creative writing project, coach teaching, bare foot nature communing, hanging out with my loved ones and writing with some original Buster Fykes acoustic guitar, U2 or nature sounds playing in the background. Even as a young child, I recall seeing angels and spirits and of being held captivated with the other-worldly magic of indigenous cultures, saints, mystics, shamans and Robert Service's tales of the northern wilderness. As a teen, I found battered old copies of Voltaire's 'Candide', Margaret Caven's 'I Heard the Owl Call My Name' and anything spirit world that my adolescent soul hungered for. Inspired, I first scribbled then dabbled with typewritten short stories, articles and poetry founding a funky alternative secondary school newspaper 'Cool School News'. After many years of work in Human Services, evening ferocious spiritual, quantum or philosophical studies engrossed while raising children (all much food for character and story seeds) followed by a long arduous post-secondary completion of world religions, philosophy and spiritual sciences, I completed a Spiritualist Minister's Degree and ordination. I do not follow any one traditional status quo of shoes too small mindset. During a life-defining year of former vocation and life as I knew it endings, I cocooned in a northern Ontario sanctuary, basking in nature's ambiance to close one chapter and begin a new journey. My teachings and personal philosophies re-evaluated, I butterfly emerged, giving way to profound ancient wisdom philosophies, magic know how and began to polish numerous stories, books and course materials that had long been in various stages of completion. I have been there, done that, so know of what I write and speak! With all of the hub bub of spiritual gurus in the world, my sheroes lean toward those more authentic ideals such as; my spirit world muses who consist of an ancient multi-cultural mystical sisterhood, angels, my own Mother, Great Grandmothers, ancestral women and all of those who vision global community sharing of all that is good in life. I admire the 13 Grandmothers as well as the unknown authentic unsung heroes such as, former social services clients and acquaintances, a medicine woman daughter and son who all live a life less ordinary, comfortable in our own funky soul skin and happy to share what we have. There is still so much more to do, to share, to explore and to discover with more do-it-for-yourself books, a handful of children’s stories and one more novel in the works. Published Books: ~ Soul Skin, a spirited shaman’s journey: Literary Fiction Novel ~ Amazon Kindle Bestseller 1000 lifetimes, 100 sacred dream journeys. "Midlife crisis Navi communes with her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man. Doomed to marital heartbreak, she clumsily follows a shamanic path; all the while coping with a child’s cancer, spirit world intrusion, church doctrine, menopause, a dark shadow nemesis, and job loss. All of these, rudely slamming her into a dark night of the soul. Sacred ancient sisterhood teachings via dream journeys ensue in a Nazi death camp, a pre-civil war deep south, early indigenous North America, and as Joan of Arc. Also, as audience with Lord Byron and as a wolf mate. Navi explores life in a thought provoking and amusing commentary of social, cultural and religious ideals, all stirring controversy. It is the love of daughter, Gran, nature and soul skin man that carries her forward. *Available in EBook or Paperback via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or order wherever books are sold. *You Tube inspiration Video: "Ode To Our Ancient Sisterhood: Soul Skin" by; author Jan Porter. *This fine collection of images came together as I was writing the first draft of the novel manuscript. A joy to view and set to all original sooth inspiring acoustic guitar by the fabulously talented musician James Buster Fykes. ~ Peaceful Warrior Woman: Literary Fiction Novella “Young Annish dreams of an exciting Hunter-Warrior’s life rather than the traditional domestic role set out for her. A moving solo hunter’s adventure odyssey unfolds bringing Spirit World visions, Ancestor guidance, powerful mysterious forces and life defining soul challenges. As the hunting expedition ends, a bigger mission ensues, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. In the process, she must face hard truths of a changing world; understand her true gifts, life path and contribution to community and the world. In the moments of stillness where times stands still with heart love and hard lessons learned, Annish becomes a Peaceful Warrior Woman affecting many generations to come. One woman is a tiny divine spark in a timeless collective; all of us are Peaceful Warrior Women.” (The original version of this book was entitled “Peaceful Warrior, journey of Annish” published by Moose Hide Books) *Available in EBook or Paperback via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or order wherever books are sold. ~ Angel Guides, love communication: “Your Angel Guides are waiting to formally meet you! Communicate and allow your Angel Guides to flow comfort, love, insights and inspiration. A wonderful life path and to fulfill your soul’s purpose, is your birthright. The best of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!” *Available in EBook or Paperback via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or order wherever books are sold.   ~ Sacred Space, mind body soul after sexual abuse: Self Help – Amazon Kindle Bestseller “Your body, mind and soul are Sacred Space. Shifting wounds into wisdom and loving life, is the art of inspired transformation. The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before. The power of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!” *Available in EBook or Paperback via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or order wherever books are sold. *You Tube inspiration Videos: 1. Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse, 2. Sacred Space, How To Forgive, 3. Inspirational quotes with soothing acoustic guitar ~ SHARING: our stories, ourselves, our success features 24 writers, a group of women from various walks of life, with different and yet very similar stories to tell. in commemoration of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. OneThousandTrees.com. ~ Life After Abuse, survivor paths to wholeness: “Your body, mind and feelings are sacred space. The pathway out of the pain and shame of sexual abuse, molestation and assault to wholeness is in boldly walking through a soul-healing journey. Life After Abuse offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before. With insight and motivation, a healing journey brings authentic empowerment to the sacred space of inner peace and joy. Shifting wounds into wisdom and loving life, it is the art of inspired transformation.” (The original version of this book was published by Moose Hide Books) *Available in EBook or Paperback via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or order wherever books are sold. *You Tube inspiration and empowerment videos: 1. Life After Abuse: ‘Letter of Hope’ for survivors and those who support them ~ The Way Out: Insights and perspectives on sexual abuse – currently out of print. As a survivor, former social services worker, career/life skills counsellor and mother, Jan was moved to write her first book, 'The Way Out', an easy-to-read grassroots self-help book for survivors and those who support them. First published by Whale Publications in 1993, the Morris Pratt Institute, Milwaukee, USA has held publishing rights for use in their Pastoral Counselling course program. Out of print, the second revised edition is entitled Life After Abuse.
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