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Professional resume writing service
The certified writers at professional resume writing service have the proven experience you need. They know that a well written resume will increase your chances of getting your new job and they are ready to craft a professional resume to your precise needs.
Compass Creative
Compass Creative is a marketing and promotional design agency specializing in the conceptualization and development of branding and creative visuals.
SJS Editorial Design
Publisher. Writer. Publicist. Reader. Through editing your work of art in words, Susan Soares offers a writer a level of experience and passion for words. When a project is completed, an author is confident that project is ready for its audience and critics in every aspect.
As an accomplished artist and illustrator, the primary mediums I create with are pencil, colored pencil, colored marker, charcoal, pastel, and pen & ink. I possess 12 years freelance experience designing with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks to produce graphic design, vector and digital artwork for logos, icons, posters, flyers, and advertisements. I unify illustration and digital art to create with unlimited creativity and visual imagination.
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