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Melanie Bikowski
As a Writer and Painter, I seek to use creativity to honor magical thinking by personifying the landscape of conceptual elements. My latest body of work tells specific stories of sunsets and sunrises based on very real days that happened to me. The modern world is stuffing information into cloud-technology at an exponentially fast rate. We are sitting in environments that are created for sensory-deprivation for long hours before heading home to look at our television screens. In a world where this behavior exists, I wonder how the clouds feel. Painting them is the closest way for me to personify them and make them as human as we are.
Photorealistic art
Most welcome to visit the site. Approx 200 Abstract paintings created by him displayed here. HIs work texture and graphics based with vibrant and Black/white color. He displayed here Mixed media,Acrylic, Transparent Media, metallic work.
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"Off to See the Wizard" by Clay Johnson
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