Alexis S Silver
: Alexis S Silver
: Female
: Norfolk
: United states of america
This came out on December 28th, 2015. In the future where race or gender isn't discriminated about, it's the animalistic DNA. It is even worse when you are in a rich family that is wanted for there money or hated because of a rare animal gene. Kass has to deal with this. With his sources and new friends, he tries to find a way to solve the mystery of this with his past in tow.
Refuse To Run
Winter break is starting for these four high schoolers. Constantine is an underestimated student who almost everyone looks down on. Annabelle is a cheerleader dealing with anxiety. Jason is a bored wallflower who took interest in helping her. Michael is always looking on the bright side of life, yet he has a secret that is holding him back from moving on. They end up going to a trip that would change their view on life. Will these four continue to run away from their problems, or will they stand up and refuse to run?
Simple Life
Lily was born into a simple life with her mother, father that was asleep, and the ability to create wings and fly. She loved to read and cared for birds. Everything changed when she met the strong Mathew and his scientist mother. She found herself in a more complicated light with her running for her safety. As she grew with Mathew by her side, she learned to make new friends and power through any problem, but will she make it through them all?
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Born Free Series No. 3
Category : Paintings
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