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The Last Destruction
Orion is proud to be an upholder of the town of River Edge, protecting the citizens, especially the weakest among them, from the havoc wreaked by the Last Destruction, the nuclear war that ended the civilization of the past. But when one of the town’s leaders, Forebearer Adena, assigns him to guard her children during the Census Games—a gladiatorial spectacle designed to rid the town of undesirables while providing both entertainment and deterrent for the citizens—a chain of events is set off which will forever change the fate of not only Orion, but the entire civilization.
Entwined Courage
Aurora Turnleaf has lived her whole life hearing fairy tales of mysterious lands, magical beings, and crystal towers. She thought nothing of them until the day she stumbles upon a magnificent city, deep within the woods, built entirely of clear crystal. There she meets Kayne, a mage apprenticed to a dark wizard named Kronos. Unbeknownst to Aurora, Kayne has just stolen the Ythra Orb from the Hallowed Hall on behalf of his master. Knowing that Kronos means to use the Orb for evil, Kayne hides it in Aurora’s pack to keep it from him. Suddenly Aurora is thrust into a life or death journey to help Kayne find the mystical land of Morgis, home to the Oracles who first created the Orb, in hopes that they can secure its safety against Kronos. Along the way, the two teens from very different worlds must learn to work together to overcome obstacles, one of them being their mutual attraction.
What Dreams May Bring
Heaven attorney Linkyn Aberford has been handed a very special client to defend for entry into heaven—Robin Williams, a famous and beloved comedian who is known for his philanthropic deeds on earth. What seems like a slam-dunk case, however, will not be an ordinary case by any stretch of the imagination. This particular case will make waves—a gentle ripple at first, but soon growing into a riptide, the birth of a tsunami, the effects of which would be felt all the way to God’s own reflection pool.
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