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: American Premium Water
American Premium Water Corporation (OTC:HIPH)
American Premium Water Corporation announced yesterday that its Lalpina #CBD beverage will be sold with Fit Food Fresh in Southern Florida. #CBD Beverage Market and the 2018 Farm Bill Speculation: American Premium Water Corporation Stock Symbol: HIPH Looking at its current market position in #CBD beverages and the potential moving forward if the Farm Bill passes, American Premium Water Corporation (OTC:HIPH) announced yesterday that “its LALPINA #CBD beverage will be sold with Fit Food Fresh ( in southern Florida along with its fresh prepared food plans. Fit Food Fresh which is the highest rated food delivery program in South Florida, services customers Palm Beach, Dade, Broward and Martin counties, which according the latest census figures, comprises 6,318,747 residents, the largest population concentration in Florida.” HIPH CEO Ryan Fish off continued saying, "It has been a busy week since I got back from the MJBIZ conference. The partnership with Fit Food Fresh is the second significant distribution deal that the Company has closed in as many weeks.” (The Company announced on November 14th it will be featured in New York City's first ever #CBD pop-up shop). American Premium Water Corporation (OTC:HIPH) was at the MJBiz Conference, where he mentioned what differentiates Lalpina, the Company's premium CBD beverage lifestyle brand, with over a million Instagram ( followers. "I dare for you to find another #CBD cannabis lifestyle brand with anything close to that following. We know how to market and we have partners that know how to market." Their marketing and branding competitive edge, in addition to their acquisition strategy resulted in an analyst upgrade, with a target Price of $0.30 in mid- October. See Thru Equity said, “We see HIPH as an intriguing speculative growth company targeting large consumer opportunities in the #CBD, blockchain and lifestyle consumer goods markets.” With HIPH wasting no time in the interim to capitalize on branding and international opportunities in the #CBD market, there is a lot at stake with the potential passing of the US Farm Bill. If it becomes law, it has the potential to alter the global beverage market as well as the landscape of the US Farm Belt.
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